Angelin Tsachev: The Electricity System Operator responsibly meets modern trends and works actively in support of energy transformation in the European Union
15.10.2021 г.

"The Electricity System Operator is aware of the challenges of energy transformation, which is underway throughout Europe. "With the Clean Energy for All Europeans package and the Green Deal, the EU has laid the foundations for a new strategy for growth and economic transformation in the Community by achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050", stated the Executive Director of the Electricity System Operator Angelin Tsachev during the international conference "Green Transition - Solutions and Challenges for Bulgaria".

"The transition to the new market model outlines the dynamics of the period until 2030 and sets a key role for electricity transmission system operators. The main characteristics of the new market model are related to decarbonization of the economy, achieving a high share of renewable energy among generating capacity, providing opportunities for consumer participation in the electricity market, building a competitive energy market based on market principles", underlined the Eexecutive Director of ESO. Angelin Tsachev speaks within the panel "Intelligent Industry, Energy and Climate". He pointed out that the rapid growth of the installed capacity of RES presents the system operators with new technical tasks and noted that in just one year ESO has received applications for connection of 8,500 MW of new RES plants. "The Electricity System Operator is actively looking for and introducing innovative solutions for reliable management of the electricity transmission system in the conditions of a growing share of renewable energy generation," added Angelin Tsachev.

 During his speech, Tsachev outlined the urgent tasks to be solved for the electricity transmission operators, aimed at providing effective models for management of the electricity system with a growing share of production from renewable sources, as well as conditions for their connection through development, restructuring of the electricity infrastructure and construction of new facilities.

“In response to the great investor interest in the construction and connection of new RES capacities, ESO has developed an electronic map with up-to-date information on the operational opportunities for connection of producers and consumers of electricity," said the Executive Director of ESO and announced the company's comprehensive service on design and construction of the connection facilities for the purpose of faster and more efficient commissioning of new sources of emission-free energy. "In order to ensure predictability for the development of the network and the transmission capacity, ESO proposes changes in LAW ON RENEWABLE ENERGY to reduce the administrative burden for investors in new renewable capacities," Angelin Tsachev said in his speech.

"ESO is actively fulfilling the goals we have set for joining the European balancing platforms, strengthening the internal transmission network and interconnection, developing our own telecommunications network, digitalization of substations for monitoring and remote control", stressed the Executive Director of the Bulgarian electricity transmission operator during the international forum.