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Reduction of cross-border capacities in direction Turkey to Bulgaria for the period 17.06.2019 – 30.06.2019
15.06.2019 г.
We would like to inform you, that TEIAS reduced the NTC value in direction Turkey to Bulgaria to 0 MW for the period 17-30.06.2019 due to problems in Turkish power system and therefore there will be no import of electricity from Turkey to Bulgaria for the period 17-30.06.2019. The NTC value in direction Bulgaria to Turkey remains unchanged.

Please took this into consideration when sending your nominations for Bulgarian-Turkish border.

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Electricity System Operator provides for:

  • Operational regime planning and control of the electrical power system ot the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Synchronization of the Bulgarian electrical power system operation in parallel with the electrical power systems of the European countries member of the UCTE and coordination of the joint operation with other electrical power systems
  • Operation, overhaul and maintenance of the transmission network
  • Ogranization of the balancing energy market

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